Convenient Online Divorce in Sacramento

Our office is now offering a convenient online divorce in the Sacramento and surrounding counties. This shall be an additional service offered to our clients that are seeking a divorce with no children, no property and uncontested.

In order to meet the requirements of the convenient online divorce being uncontested, give our office a call, we will then go over your situation to assist you in determining if we can proceed with the uncontested divorce online.  Our office will prepare all necessary documents needed to receive your divorce, via-email.

Call for our online pricing. This page provides an easy step by step convenient online divorce being uncontested.

Easy Step by Step Procedure:

  • Step-One: Give our office a call and we will determine if the online divorce is right for you. In the event that we can proceed, we will send you by email a simplified questionnaire to fill out and email back to us.
  • Step-Two: After we receive your simplified questionnaire that we provided you, you either email or send by mail, we will then prepare the initial documents needed relating to your case and send back to you by email.. At that time all you need to do is date, sign and make 2-sets of the initial documents and file with your court along with the court fees. In the event you do not wish to print the copies you can take the documents to your local printing outlet.
  • Step-Three: After you get the initial documents filed with your county court, either call or email the case number that the court stamps on your documents, I will then send you the documents by email and proof of service for serving the responding party. These documents need to be served by a person over the age of 18-years old and not a party in this case.
  • Step-Four: You wait the allotted-time, thereafter 30-days have lapsed give us a call and we will prepare the final documents needed for completion of your divorce. In California the divorce will be final in 6-months from the day respondent is served.
  • Our office will walk you through the above online procedure step by step in order to get your divorce    completed in a timely manner, without coming to our office.

To proceed with the above divorce you will need a computer, printer and internet access

On any of the steps above, we are here for you, just give us a call and we can assist you on any questions that you may have.

To sum up our convenient online divorce document perpetration:
Our office has been in Carmichael for over 22-years, we are committed and will continue to serve our clients with all necessary paperwork work in completing your convenient online divorce documents.

We will also continue to providing our Divorce and Bankruptcy Assistance as this additional service is an extension of our continued service as provided on the Divorce heading on our website.

Why take a chance paying for service on providers in other states, when we are here within the Sacramento Area providing you friendly service that you can count on. In the event circumstances arise not only are we available by a phone, we are also located in Carmichael.

We are only a phone call away:.

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